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In January 2015, the WhatsApp Web was out and about, however it wasn’t accessible to all, the latter service being restricted to Chrome and Android devotees.

But this is no longer the case since WhatsApp has reached iPhone as well and now users can send messages from their home computer. This feature arrives 6 months after it was propelled on Android.

WhatsApp Web iPhone

How does it actually work?

This is a long-awaited for functionality that permits you to send a WhatsApp message right from within the browser.

According to unofficial sources, the reason the feature didn’t pop-up on the iPhone sooner was due to security concerns. But things appear to be changing as this element will hit iPhones pretty soon. If you’re curious to see if the feature is up for grabs, go to WhatsApp’s official page and look for the QR code. The latter must be scanned, an action which should be performed in Settings tab—WhatsApp.

What you should also know with the Web version on iPhone is that you do not have to perform your typical update because WhatsApp will take care if its part and activate it.

whatsapp-web (1)

However, you will need to have the most recent WhatsApp variant. Keep in mind that when the web version is up and running, your WhatsApp phone version must also be functioning smoothly. This is because the latter works merely as a control element and not as an actual way of corresponding.

When WhatsApp Web was launched back in January it was immediately compatible with Blackberry, Android and Windows Phone. So, devotees had to use their Chrome browser to sign into thee app. And according to WhatsApp, Apple was the sole culprit for WhatsApp Web functionality not arriving on iPhone sooner. WhatsApp claimed it was due to “platform restrictions”.

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