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The developers of WhatsApp have released a new version of this awesome application. They’ve brought the 2.12.252 APK, which comes with bug fixes and improvements that will make the application run smoother on your smartphone.

Currently, the WhatsApp version 2.12.252 is BETA phase, which means that it can’t be downloaded/installed from the Google Play Store.

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However, you can still install it on your Android smartphone as long as you follow some simple steps that we’re going to tell you about below.

Downloading and installing WhatsApp 2.12.252 APK on your Android smartphone

The safest place to download the WhatsApp 2.12.252 APK file is from the official WhatsApp website. So, open the browser that you use on your Android smartphone and head to Here, you will see a big “Download Now” button and by tapping on it, you will download and save the WhatsApp 2.12.252 APK file to your device. We suggest you to save it in the root directory of the microSD card, so that you can find the APK file easier.

After the download is complete you will need to enable an option that’s called “Unknown Sources”. This option will allow you to install APK files that you’ve downloaded from other places than the official Android store (Google Play Store). To enable “Unknown Sources”, go to Settings->Applications or Settings->Security (the location depends from an Android OS version to another). Once you see the “Unknown Sources” option, make sure that the box in front of it is checked (or check it if it’s unchecked) and return to the main menu.

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Now that you have the “Unknown Sources” option enabled, you will need to install the APK file. To do this, open a file manager application, head to the location where you’ve saved the WhatsApp 2.12.252 APK file and install it on your Android smartphone.

HINT: In case you already have a WhatsApp version installed on your Android device, you will firstly need to uninstall it before replacing it with the latest WhatsApp BETA.