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The Viber free calling app has rolled out its latest update that features a wide array of additions and improvements from the previous versions.

Unlike WhatsApp which always rolls out update in phases – the Android and iOS users get the updates at different intervals – Viber has really strived at rolling out similar updates for both platforms. This is despite the fact that this messaging company first rolled out its application to the iOS group.

The latest version of Viber comes in with a newly redesigned user interface for making video calls and sending messages. In addition, you will notice some notable improvements in the quality of voice calls as opposed to the old version, both on the Android and iOS platforms.

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Viber 5.5 is the latest version for Android and iOS users

The new version of Viber 5.5 is currently available for free download from the official Google Play Store and Apple App Store. If you upgrade to this version, you will not only enjoy the new interface in video calls and improvements in voice calls, but you will also come across other features that make this app more than just a messaging app.

According to Viber, more than 250 million video calls are made through this platform in a month. As a result, the company has stepped up its efforts in enhancing the video calling aspect and hence the intuitive interface that ensures starting a video call from various places inside the application is a piece of cake.

Reduced data usage on Viber free calling

Viber free calling is not completely free, just like with any other form of online communication method. While there is no real cash or airtime being used when making voice and video calls, as well as sending messages, you must have data or rather an internet connection in order to make the calls.

Viber has in the past been praised for its low data usage capabilities. This seems to be headed for the better as the latest version even adds more. The company reveals that the Viber voice calls will only take up 40KB per minute when using a 2G connection. This is a similar move to WhatsApp’s low data feature for voice calls. Viber has realized that its usage in developing countries is increasing and lots of these areas have poor connections, hence the need for a low data usage feature.

When using a 3G connection, you will be using a little more data when making a Viber voice call as the calls will consume 244KB of data in a minute. On the other hand, making Viber calls via 4G connections will attract rates of 416KB per minute.

Sharing Viber contacts is now possible

There are also changes in the way the users can share their contacts as well as content from within the app. Users can easily check out a contact in their phonebook and share via a Viber message. The recipient can also manipulate this contact right from their Viber account. If you have a URL link to any web content, you can still share it via Viber and the recipient will be able to see a preview of the message.

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Another major update that has come in affects the sticker collection. There is an additional 500 sticker packs from which the users can pick from and the good thing is that this sticker update is available for all users globally. Now it will be much easier for users to share richer content when chatting with friends.

The company hopes that the enhancements in the voice calling feature and video calling interface in addition to new collection of stickers will help in maintaining a strong following from all corners of the world thanks to the increased engagement within the Viber app.

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