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The recent announcement that Samsung and Apple have come up with plans to get rid of the removable SIM card came as a shock to many people.

It appears that the embedded SIM cards will now appear in most Smartphone devices in future. The decision to kill the normal SIM cards and replace them with the embedded variety does not affect the Samsung and Apple devices alone. Other players in the industry involved in these plans include the following:

  1. AT&T Inc
  2. Deutsche Telekom AG
  3. EE Limited
  4. Vodafone Group plc

One of the main reasons behind the decision to remove the traditional SIM cards from use is that the users have no leeway. This is because the users have no option other than to stick to the single carrier or network to which they are locked.


However, with the introduction of embedded cards, the users will be free to use more than a single carrier or network. Users will have the option of choosing the network or carrier they want to use at any given moment.

Some of the benefits that the users would enjoy with embedded SIM cards include the following:

  • setting up new devices
  • switching the carriers
  • upgrading the device

The benefits of using the new SIM card is that manufacturers would no longer have to struggle ensuring that the cards are removable. What this means is that the motherboard on the smartphones would have more space that could allow for better uses. Carriers would also benefit greatly from the introduction of new embedded SIM cards as it would make the work of transferring customers from one network to the next a much easier process.

The removal of the traditional SIM cards will provide Smartphone makers with the room to develop not only smaller, but also thinner and lighter devices. More importantly, this will allow the makers to ensure that the batteries on these devices enjoy prolonged life.


Some concern regarding the full benefits that the embedded SIM cards will present to the customers is not difficult to find today. Some of the concerns include:

  1. taking control over which network to use away from the consumer to the carrier
  2. Smartphone users with plans to travel out of the country might have no choice other than to use the costlier international roaming services
  • users might have no option other than purchasing a new phone entirely

The decision to make embedded SIM cards will please Smartphone makers who have never taken kindly to the idea that the telecom service providers have complete control over these communication devices. With the new cards, connectivity will now purely be through the Smartphone devices. The introduction of the new embedded SIM cards could finally hint at the end of the era of the total domination that telecom operators have enjoyed for years.

Therefore, if you are in the category of people who consider the traditional, removable SIM cards a bad choice, the fact that Smartphone makers are in discussions to come up with newer and embedded SIM cards will tickle your fancies. The introduction of the new generation of SIM cards will signal the beginning of evolution within the industry.