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Minecraft first came out back in 2009 and ever since then gamers have been on fire. In 2014, Minecraft was also launched on the brand new generation of game consoles. This article is meant to target all of you Minecraft aficionados who are eager to find more gimmicks to nail each level of the game.

  • Air bubbles can be created with the help of torches

If you are struggling to mine deep underwater, use the torch to take a breath so that you can keep on mining. It’s quite easy and you’ll extend your work time under water.


  • Torches: can crack or hold sand & gravel

If you add a torch right at the bottom of a stack, sand or gravel, the latter will immediately crash. The other trick is to add your gravel and sand stack right on top of a torch (add it on a wall for instance) and this time around the torch is meant to glue the sand, gravel together and prevent them from crumbling down.


  • Hot lava or water stopped by ladders and signs

The flow of either lava or water can be interfered with if you throw a ladder in their path or a simple sign. You can use these signs and ladders to construct some intricate establishments too.

  • Never-ending water source


Here is how you can create a never-ending water source: make a trench using three blocks and fill them up with water, but use just one bucket for this and not more. Make sure the water is taken right from the middle part or else your never-ending water source will fail.

Don’t rule out these gimmicks until you have tried them. You can easily evolve in the game if you know when and how to use these tips. These aren’t too difficult and it would be a shame not to use them to your advantage.