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WeChat is more than just an instant messaging app.

It is actually a platform, a portal or a mobile operating system depending on how you look at it. Many assumptions have been made in terms of instant messaging app trends, but only a few outside of China really understand how it actually works. It is a far off vision of a world that performs various activities through smartphones. The most promising features of WeChat are video calling, voice calling and instant text messaging.

However, outside China, people hardly know about the features of WeChat, although it is important that they must know about it. The first and the most obvious reason is that it garners points where Facebook and other popular messaging applications head. Secondly, WeChat indicates where the future Mobile e-commerce lies. Third, only in this application, you will get to see how a messaging platform performs two functions — first, a platform and second, a mobile portal.


For all these features, WeChat matters to all of us. Over 200 million people are using WeChat on their mobile phones. This is not like a product that has started as web based app and then adopted as an application for mobile. From the very beginning, this application has been developed for Smartphone users and now its updated versions are releasing for Android, iOS and Windows.

You will be surprised to know that the average revenue of WeChat is 7 dollars per user, which is around seven times more than the revenue of WhatsApp, a popular messaging app on the online platform. While WhatsApp and Facebook measure their growth in terms of daily and monthly users on their networks, WeChat counts how many users are using this app for fulfilling their daily, even hourly requirements. WeChat aims at building a mobile lifestyle instead of focusing on creating the largest social network. Its goal is to address each and every aspect of the user, including non-social ones and the most surprising fact is that it has succeeded in achieving its goal! There are millions of lightweight apps, besides WeChat, which are quite similar to a website on the internet.

This feature has made WeChat more like a browser for the smartphone users than just an instant messaging app. It is arguably a mobile operating system that does not only caters to the needs of the users, but also works as a marketing platform for business entrepreneurs.

The lightweight apps that reside within WeChat are called official accounts. These apps have got approval after going through a long application process. At present, there are more than ten million official accounts available on this platform. These apps range from banks, celebrities and media outlets, fashion brands to drug stores, car manufacturers and hospitals.

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It is important that these official accounts should be verified accounts in the US social network. For the end users, it is quite easy to add official accounts because the users will get the option to choose from a range of applications. These apps are considered lightweight because the users are spared from the trouble of downloading native full featured apps. Therefore, it is a win-win situation for the users.

For all these reasons, WeChat has become a popular messaging app in China. Many new versions are currently developing for the Android, iOS and windows phone users. Developers are getting the functionality of the application without feeling the need to support multiple mobile operating systems. This encourages the developers to deliver distinctive and customized applications to the users so that they get a better user experience. This application protects the interests of the users.