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GTA 6 might just be the next best thing. Unofficial sources state that Grand Theft Auto 6 will happen in 2018 in the US. But, we cannot help but wonder when will the game officially roll out, will it be in 2018 or in 2020?

The GTA 2 and 3 came out shortly after the Grand Theft Auto was launched. Then seven years passed and GTA 4 happened. And because gamers wanted a US map and not a mere city one, the graphics and the story behind the game better be off the charts, well at least this is what the gamers are expecting.


And of course this is not something that can be achieved over night. So, it is more likely that the GTA 6 will come out in 2020. Gamers may get the game in the PC as well as the PlayStation variant. And according to other rumors, Ryan Gosling and the lovely Eva Mendes will be the voices behind the characters in GTA 6.

VermillionDemonFox, thought of including a very interesting feature in GTA 6. The latter will bring together all of the former GTA maps and create the world of GTA 6, but not get your hopes up too high, because none of this has been corroborated yet.

If you’re wondering about the automobiles that are available in GTA 6, expect a pretty impressive collection. You might also see cars dating from the 1950s or 1967 (Ford Pickup or Shelby GT500 to name a few car models).


In the new upcoming game, users might also see Vice City and relationships will definitely be a new factor in GTA 6. And if the relationship feature will be included, this means there will also be a female character in the game. Dan Houser, the founder of Rockstar Studios gave the green light on this female character.

And there is more good news, according to a report by Dan Herald, GTA 6 will contain missions and if all goes well, gamers will fill up their pockets with money as this will be the prize.