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All Grand Theft Auto fans out there are waiting for DLCs of the fifth game in the franchise and we have some good news for them. The company is said to release a new DLC very soon, even before September starts. The new update is said to bring a few new features, but nothing too drastic. Let’s see what Rockstar is offering the users with this new DLC.

First of all, if you are PC GTA 5 player, then this first update is not actually an update for you, since the feature was only available to computers until now. We’re talking about Rockstar Editor coming to consoles as well (PlayStation 4 and Xbox One) which allows you to record your gaming for whatever purpose you may have: you could film a gameplay tutorial or you can participate on the relatively often contests Rockstar is throwing for their customers.


The challenges are quite fun to complete, and the prizes aren’t bad at all. If you didn’t know about these, you should give them a try.

There is a rumor that the Rockstar Editor will actually be updated, including a stunt race planner which would be a great addition to the game. Races are fun in any game, and this race creator will actually offer new areas of choices too (like the Fort Zancudo Military Base or Los Santos International Airport).

Rockstar has actually made a statement regarding this matter: “We can’t wait to see what the Creator community cooks up in those previously off-limits areas. We’ve received lots of other fantastic feedback to the official GTA Online feedback inbox from the Creator community about features they’d like to see.

One such update that we are currently working on for a next update is a new feature to enable creators to properly stack props, adding proper support for that highly-requested feature powering super fun mega-ramps, loops and parkour courses – please stay tuned for more information on that.”


The DLC is expected to come with some other features as well, the rumors are mostly regarding new cars, clothes and weapons. Some forums say that there are actually twelve new added cars to the Grand Theft Auto 5, such as Sabre GT, Virgo, Chino, Clean Voodoo, Slamvan, Tornado and Buccaneer.

If you were interested in the very talked GTA 5 Single Player DLC, then you’re not in luck because the company hasn’t made any statements regarding the existence of such an update.