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Android Smartphones are among the most popular devices in the market today.

The proliferation of such devices in the market has led to the increase in the usage of Google Play Store. Millions of apps exist in the Play Store. The average user makes use of tens of apps. Social apps are among the most popular in the Play Store.

More importantly, social apps present one of the reasons that convince people to buy Android Smartphones in large numbers today.


Apple Smartphones entered the market when the Android version was already dominant. The competition between these two producers is good for the market as it ensures that the users have access to some of the best products at any given moment. The fact that the Smartphone devices have a wide variety of content, including social apps, has also contributed to the positive feedback that they enjoy from consumers all over the world.

Social apps present the makers of the Smartphone devices with the opportunity to earn more in terms of revenue. This is because the apps are the third largest generators of revenue for the devices. It is worth mentioning that Google Play Store is home to a large number of the social apps. Users of Android Smartphone devices are able to choose from a massive 1.6 million social apps. App Store – which belongs to Apple – presents its users with 1.5 million social apps to choose.

In terms of the popularity of the social apps, Google Play Store indicates that Facebook comes out on top in this category among users. Most users would prefer downloading and installing the Facebook social app on their Smartphone devices immediately. Instagram has also proven very popular with the Android Smartphone users. This is a massive statement considering that not so long ago, Instagram was only available for use by people with the iOS Smartphone devices.

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WhatsApp and Twitter have seen an upsurge in terms of their popularity as the most liked social apps on Google Play Store. WhatsApp might be a mobile-only app, but this has not affected its popularity among users. Google has enjoyed an increase in revenue as more people download and install Vine in to their Android Smartphone devices. Plenty of social apps are popular with the users and these include:

  • Badoo
  • MeetMe
  • Skout
  • Tagged

It seems that apps that prove effective in dating and meeting new friends are more popular on Google Play Store. The trend has been like this for close to three years now and shows no signs of diminishing any time soon. In fact, Play Store enjoys more than 70 percent more downloads than its counterpart from Apple – App Store. The difficulty in accessing App Store and iTunes has played right into the Play Store’s hands, thus contributing positively to its popularity.

Therefore, if you have ever wondered about the likeability of social apps on Google Play Store, you should put such concerns to rest. If you own a Smartphone device, downloading and installing social apps should come as second nature. With such apps downloaded and installed on your device, dating as well as meeting new friends will be a more enjoyable undertaking. The simplicity and speed of downloading such apps from Play Store will leave you a happy user.