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If you’re looking for a high-end notebook, then you can check out the next comparison between two of the newest notebooks on the market: Apple’s MacBook and Google’s Chromebook Pixel. These two have a higher price, but they offer both portability and great features so that the user can rely on their device for a long amount of time.

Let’s start up with what Apple’s device can offer the customer for a great user experience.

Macbook to Apple Transfer Files

First of all, the new MacBook is the thinnest type of computer that Apple has brought to the market, having only 13.1 mm in thickness. It is also extremely lightweight, weighing around 900 g, making the device portable.

The company is looking to make a simple device that can still offer its user a lot of features, so they decided they would just have one power port: the 3.1 version of USB Type-C. This port is popular lately, a lot of companies deciding to equip their devices with it, as we’ll see that Google did too. We don’t know if only one port is a downside or an upside for you, but Apple seems to think that it’s the way to go from now on when regarding notebooks.

The display of the device measures 12 inches and can render a pixel resolution of 2304×1440. The screen also has the well-known Retina Display technology imbeded, which allows for better color representation and color depth. The display is truly a plus with this gadget.

Moving on to the processor, as we said before, Apple is working on simplifying their devices so they put Intel Core M as their processor, which saves up a lot of space and allowing the MacBook to be so thin. Even though the processor is not top-notch, the device still works great.

The battery life of the device is of approximatively 9 hours.

As for price, we’re looking at a starting price of 1299 US dollars, which is indeed pricey but expected for a high-end gadget.

Now, let’s move forward to Google’s Chromebook Pixel, which packs a lot of promise for a notebook.

We mentioned earlier that Google went for the USB Type-C kind of port as well, but they actually equipped the device with one of these on each side, as well as two usual USB ports. This might be more appealing to some users, seeing as you will have available ports when charging.

Chromebook (1)

The display of the Chromebook Pixel is great competition for Apple’s MacBook, seeing how the pixel resolution reaches 2560×1700. The display is a bit larger at 12.85 inches and it holds an aspect ratio of 32 – an unusual choice for today’s market.

The company seems to have a very different plan than Apple for their notebook , because they actually chose to show off a fast processor on the Chromebook Pixel: we’re seeing the Core i5 and the Core i7 CPUs. The RAM capacity backing up this processor is of 16 GB, which ensures high speed and impressive performance. The better processor is noticeable in weight though, the device almost reaching 1400 g.

The battery life is a little bit better than the MacBook’s at 12 hours.

As for price, the Chromebook Pixel retails at 999 US dollars.

Final Thoughts

The decision is yours to make based on the specifications we have just enlisted here depending on your personal preferences. If you are an Apple user already, then you might be inclined to opt for the MacBook as this company’s devices have great syncing options. If you’re looking for a faster processor and cheaper price, the Chromebook Pixel will be the notebook for you.

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