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Flash Player was definitely the ultimate ruler when it came to online videos, but this was a while back. Now, Flash is sinking deeper and deeper.

Let’s go back and recall the “Thoughts on Flash’ written by Steve Jobs and how he denigrated Adobe Flash. Even if this was 5 years ago, S. Jobs was convinced even then that Adobe doesn’t have what it takes, so he refused his devices to offer support to the latter.

adobe-flash-player (1)

In 1995, FutureSplash Animator was the original software from which Flash Player emerged. The idea behind this software was to make fun and interactive content as well as animations which could be showcased in the online environment. It was a big achievement back then!

Currently, Adobe has reached bottom. Even if there are still several Flash-supported online apps and animations out there, the walls are slowly closing in on Adobe Flash.

However, HTML 5 is stealing the spotlight and it is being appraised by developers worldwide. The simple fact that the latter doesn’t require any installation, gives it a head-start on the Flash Player. Also, besides supporting desktop browsers, HTML 5 supports tablets and smartphones alike, which let’s face it in today’s world it is definitely a plus.

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Remember that Flash appeared when the desktop variants ruled and the mobile industry was still keeping a low profile. So, people owning digital-video businesses were forced to use VPAID, which belong to Flash. The VPAID service permitted video advertisements and video players to get the message across.

Flash might not be completely ruled out because you can still see a bunch of animated sites that require the Flash plugin. It might take some time before Flash will vanish completely, or at least until some other high-tech service will step into the shoes of Flash Player.