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Almost one month has passed since Microsoft launched the Windows 10 OS, and every Windows 7/8/8.1 user who bought the license was given the opportunity to upgrade for free (this offer will be available exactly one year).

Those who haven’t got the chance to upgrade or are in doubts whether it’s worth installing the new operating system, will read this article and will decide if they’ll stick to their previous Windows 8.1 OS, or will get Windows 10.

Windows 10 vs. Mac OS X 10.11

Did You Miss The Start Button?

Microsoft made the mistake to remove it in Windows 8 and the users kept complaining until the company realized how popular this button was. It seems that the Live Tiles interface wasn’t well-received, even if it reduced the functionality of the desktop, so Windows 10 will make a lot of users very happy, because thanks to the Start menu, they will access applications, pin applications, websites etc.

Cortana, From Windows Phone To Windows 10

The personal assistant will be very useful, as it will provide information and answers to users’ questions, and the Notebook will collect information about the owners, which can be modified or removed.

Microsoft Edge, The New Browser

Previously, it was codenamed Project Spartan, and its main features are: the reading mode, it integrated Cortana and it allows annotating any webpage using the keyboard input or your finger or stylus.

No More Passwords?

The Fast Identity Online standard will give the users the option to sign into their applications using biometric tools such as retina scanners and fingerprint readers.

A Version For Smartphones

The smartphones will get a mobile version called Windows Phone 10, which will come with revamped Office and Outlook applications, an integrated messaging hub for Skype etc.

Continuum Will Adapt Windows 10’s Interface

If you’re upgrading a device with a 7in screen running on Windows 8.1 to Windows 10, Continuum will retain the full desktop functionality, but the devices with sub-8in screens that come preloaded with the new OS won’t have the desktop functionality.


Multiple Desktops

This feature was stolen from Apple’s OS X, but it has been desired by the users for a long time. With it, they are able to create separate environments and work on more projects in the same time.

An App Store For Computers, Tablets And Smartphones

All applications will be compatible with these supported devices, so if you want to install an application on your smartphone, there will be a resized version for it. The developers will create applications that will run across all Windows devices and they will be downloaded from the official store.