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WhatsApp has become a first-rate IM app used by teens and adults alike. This app has extended its wings and can now be used on various browsers and mobile platforms. Users worldwide can send messages, share images and videos with their friends, family and co-workers in every distant corner of the world.

You can also initiate voice calls via this app, a long-awaited for feature for Windows Phone. WhatsApp is constantly working on rolling out brand new updates that will make its devotees tickled pink.

whatsapp-windows-10-mobile (1)

The newest update that we will be referring to in this article is one that has targeted Windows Phone. This new update has the following no. and here is what users can notice:

  1. Read and Unread can be used as markings for chats.
  2. If you’re not feeling certain chats/conversations, the Mute functionality has been created with the sole purpose of making your life as a WhatsApper easier.
  3. Set-up fun ringtones for incoming messages or calls.
  4. The emoji selection has been broaden, plus you get a ton of hues and they are at your disposal with a simple tap & hold operation.
  5. Your data can now be protected by using the data-conscious element.

So as you can see, there have been several enhancements which you should be noticing with the launch of this new update.


Besides, WhatsApp is being custom-built in order to run smoothly on Microsoft’s Edge browser. And don’t worry all of the above mentioned elements as well as the voice call addition will also function on the Edge browser.

So if you haven’t tried WhatsApp yet, you don’t know what you’re missing. Download it now and make sure you find the newest update available ( for your Windows Phone device, so that you can enjoy all of the latest enhancements.