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Google Earth has made work easier for people who always wanted to view the world in 3D.

Fewer navigation apps possess the capabilities that Google Earth has. Installing this app on your machine or device could be one of the best decisions that you ever make. The app might only have increased in popularity in the recent years. Interestingly, what most people do not know about this navigation app is that it has been in existence for more than ten years.

Initially (2001) the app was known as Earth Viewer. In 2005, it underwent a name change and became Google Earth. The program makes use of satellite photos. It also uses aerial photography to provide users with a 3D view of the earth and other locations around the world that users want to view.

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Regardless of the distance between you and any building or landscape feature that you want to view, this app will provide you with a 3D view.

The app has made it much easier to explore the earth. This is why the app has become one of the most popular in geography classes. If you want to visit any place on the earth, you can now do so without leaving your site or having to board a plane. The dream tour of different corners of the world that you have always envisaged is now much easier to undertake with the help of this new app from Google.

Google Earth is in three versions, namely:

  1. Free
  2. Paid-Up
  3. Beta

If you are only interested in learning or viewing the basic details about the earth, the free version of the app will enable you to do just that. On the other hand, if you need the advanced features that enable you to view the earth in detail, you will need to part with around $40 to get the paid-up version of the app. The pair-up or commercial version is ideal for the large companies because of the capabilities that it has in terms of utilizing collaboration tools.

The beta form of Google Earth is also known as Earth 5.0 and is ideal for people who desire to learn more about specific places on the earth. The beta version of this app is a great educational tool. It provides lessons regarding the local culture as well as the history of places that you wish to visit. All the relevant information that you need about a particular location on the earth is available through the beta version.

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With all the many features that Google Earth has, it is now possible to create tours of some of the places that you admire the most. The app now allows you to not only record but also narrate details regarding the new places that you admire and would wish to visit.

More significantly, the app makes it possible for you to see a pilot flying his plane through the flight simulator. The app never runs out of fresh information considering the regular updates that are available.