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Tango, the mobile messaging app has recently launched Tango shop, a social shopping functional app targeting only US subscribers.

This new initiative has been taken in co-operation with AliExpress and Walmart, a global marketplace owned by the group of Alibaba. Tango has made a revenue share agreement with these famous two retailers.

The exciting feature of this Tango app is that it features a list of products of two major retailers — Walmart and AliExpress. The user on the Tango shop app can see a list of products selected by Tango editors and also search items in Walmart and AliExpress.


The selected list will automatically be personalized depending on the users’ prior purchases as well as search queries. However, it will include season specific foods as well. The main aim of the makers is to turn the ideas of people into a reality. People chat about shopping and gift ideas. Suppose, for mother’s day, you may call your brother to talk about the gift ideas for this occasion. Tango makes it simple by turning conversation into an actual purchase.

Developing such a shopping store application helps Tango stand apart from other instant messaging competitors such WhatsApp, Snapchat and Facebook Messenger. Adding shopping feature to a messaging app is not unheard of.

WeChat, the popular messaging service of China offers various types of services beyond just messaging. Therefore, it is a trend that has been established in the United States and the messenger starts to emulate. Facebook rolled out its messenger platform a few months back and now people can track their packages of specific retailers through this application. There is a possibility that shopping cart might be its next launch. Similarly, Kik, another popular messaging app of North America offers a promoted chat feature so that popular brands can do marketing by sending messages to the users on this app.

According to insider reports, the e-commerce feature of Tango will continue to expand by including some more attractive features such as peer-to-peer selling or you can say Craigslist service where you use your Geographic location to sell your used goods or buy goods from others. For example, if you are looking for a bike in this app, you will get both new bikes and used bikes options. You can choose according to your requirements.

The company said it is the first messaging app in the United States that offers e-commerce capabilities to its application, bringing more than 200 million value oriented products from Walmart and Aliexpress to the users. Users will be able to purchase products directly through the application that runs on the Android, Windows, Blackberry, iOS devices and desktop computers.

In addition to this, the users will not only discover new products through the curated list of this application, but they can also create their own product collection and share with their contacts. The curated list is prepared by a team of editors who seeks out your preferences and choose affordable seasonal products catalog that can easily be shared with the Tango users through public and private messaging.


This is an exciting feature of this app that has created a new trend in the market. However, the main purpose of this app, which is messaging will be the same that supports file sharing, text messaging and voice/video chats and so on.

Therefore, Tango continues to discover the way people talk and share content via mobile devices. From instant messaging, music to games, video, photos and now the newly launched store — Tango has become the ultimate place to get social, connect, share content and now shop as well. This app is highly useful and caters to the needs of users. To download this app, you need go to the Apple App store or Google Play store from your mobile and install this app for free.