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After rolling out Samsung Galaxy S6 flagship that has been dubbed the “Android iPhone” by some tech pundits, this South Korean giant is even going further to try and lure more iPhone users to ditch theApple platform in favor of their devices.

The company has launched a free trial program that is designed to convince Apple users to come to Samsung. The Test Drive comes at the same time when the company has launched new devices in the shape of Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus and Galaxy Note 5. These two phablets are mainly aimed at rivaling the famous iPhone 6 Plus, another phablet from Apple that has been a massive hit since it was first introduced towards the end of last year.

How to get into the program

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 vs. Apple iPhone 6s Plus

Getting into this free trial program is very easy. All iPhone users need to do is tovisit the page at using their devices and then select their phone model. You don’t have to worry about your carrier as Engadget reveals that the promotion is supported on any U.S carrier.

It is not yet clear how Samsung intends to pull this stunt off in addition to the amount it’s going to charge the user’s credit cards for entering the promotion. A similar trial program was launched by T-Mobile, and it used iPhone 5S in the process. The trial period was one week and what the company did was place a $699.99 hold on the card of any person who entered the promotion and if the person failed to return the card at the end of the trial period, the card was charged.

Samsung mobile division still struggling

As noted earlier, the launch of Samsung Galaxy Note 5 and its counterpart the Galaxy S6 Edge Plus is meant to rival the iPhone 6 Plus. This is arguably true because ever since Apple rolled out this phablet, the sales of Samsung mobile phones have dropped drastically. This is partly because most consumers of Samsung devices did so based on the display size factor, however, since Apple had beaten them with the size aspect when it rolled out iPhone 6 Plus, many started switching allegiance.

Samsung Galaxy A9 Pro 2016, Samsung Galaxy A9 Pro, Samsung Galaxy A9,

Screen size was the major differentiator between Apple and Samsung devices, but only before the phablet was rolled out. Now that this differentiator is no more, Samsung has begun getting even more innovative with their models, introducing features like the curved display on the Edge models as well as faster charging.

The latest attempt by Samsung to lure customers from Apple and back to Samsung devices is this Ultimate Test Drive.