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The company that created Minecraft has just announced that the new Minecraft 15w34d comes with upgraded Realms. In the report, developer has also confirmed that some maps come with animated lightning swords, narrated museum tours and sound-based challenges.

A new adventure map has been added and it’s called “The Muk-Luk Lodge”, but there is another map called “Sharks vs. Steve”, where you will be able to fight waves of laser sharks, lapis and many more (This map features a custom sound resource pack).

Minecraft 1.20

Another addition is the Point Runner, which is a fast-paced game that will allow you to run over blocks for gathering points. However, keep in mind that as soon as you touch a block, it will disappear. This game will also come with three different maps, so you will not get bored too fast of it.

The Silent Ville is a survival world between wheat farms. The player will need to take care of the wheat and according to the description, there is something that’s lurking behind the farms.

If you want to put your brain to work, then you should play the Labyrinth map, where you will find several rooms. The player will need to match the room that corresponds to the key color that it has. Keep in mind that some of the rooms have traps, which can slow you down.


In case you are a parkour fan, then you should test out the new “Build-off Parkour” map, which allows you to combine building with parkour challenges. Zomberman is another new map which will permit players to set bombs and blow up the blocks, while the Desert Ruins map is a survival world with sun-baked dwellings where the players will need to restore life to a lost civilization.

However, in case you like playing shooter games, then you should try out the new Bubble Shooter map, where you will need to shoot two blocks of the same color.

Have you tested out the new Minecraft snapshot 15w34d?

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