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The Grand Tournament expansion just released for hearthstone, surprising many as it abruptly launched in the middle of the day, affecting games in progress with brand new minions and bringing tens of thousands of extra players to the hearthstone service. If like many others you are excited to get your hands on this new expansion, you’ll be pleased to know there is a decent number of interesting cards which aren’t legendaries worth picking up, and here is a small sample of some of the very best you should keep your eye out for22370

At 2 mana and 3/2 stats this card is strong enough by itself, offering a very average turn two even if you fail the joust, with some nice beast synergy when paired with the plethora of other hunter cards this works with.

What makes this card really interesting is the way it’s card text is useless in any current deck, but in a specialized deck can be used to represent draw card x. In a deck with just 4 or 5 minions, two of which being this card and the others being much higher cost minions, you can almost guarantee the results of any joust, and as a result have the card ready for later in the game. An example could be deathwing, acidmaw or any high cost cards you need to pull of your combo.


A new polymorph which costs one less in exchange for 3 more attack and an extra health sounds bad on the surface, but in reality has some really nice uses. These mostly sit in the aggressive mage decks, as the card works as a questionably useful hard removal when used against the enemy, and an extra 4 damage for the win when used for yourself.


Another hunter card which pairs well with the first one mentioned here, the lock and load card was one of the first revealed and another card which will be at the very least FUN to use, giving you access to several free cards if used correctly. This card won’t work in your existing hunter deck, but when combined with the right cards can lead to game defining turns. For this reason it is the best epic of the set!




This card sounds like one of the best cards to be created… in theory. Although it breaks even on mana cost after justĀ 2 cards played, this card definitely has the strong downside in how you get all of these +1/1 creatures out. One creature a turn will not allow you to recoup the loss in tempo that playing a 4/4 on turn 6 loses, and the legendary status means this card is excellent fun, not excellent every time. With this said however, in the right deck (and even in a lot of wrong decks) the effect is simply too fun, having 4/6 sludge belchers, 1/3 nerubian eggs and much more will give you a lot of fun to play with, and an excuse to create some shaman decks finally.