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Recently, the third preview of Android 6.0 Marshmallow was announced and it’s the final one before the new operating system will be launched in September. Lollipop is the previous version and Google implemented Material Design into it, but you should get prepared to welcome the changes that were made in Marshmallow. Below, we’ll list six of the most important ones.

As usual, the new operating system will come along with the new Nexus(es), and in this case, we’ll have two models: Nexus 5 2015, which was built by LG and the Nexus 6 2015, which is the successor of the phablet that was created by Motorola, but this one carries the brand name of Huawei.

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Android 6.0 Marshmallow will come with new features and many improvements, as follows:

Extend Your Battery Life With Doze

Doze, is a power saving mode which will be introduced in Marshmallow and it will help the battery to be more energy-efficient when the device will enter standby mode/sleep mode. Also, the applications that are waking up the device will be disabled.

App Drawer

On top of the application drawer will be placed a search bar with which you’ll find applications faster. The scroll bar will be back so all applications will be found on the same page, and you will just scroll up or down.

Google Now Will Be Smarter

Google improved its intelligent personal assistant to offer more information, whenever you need. It will integrate even with WhatsApp, and when you’ll chat with someone, Google Now will provide information about that contact, by just tapping on the button.

Status Bar Will Be Freer

In Lollipop, it was kind of hard to manage the status bar icons, because some icons were active all the time, occupying a lot of space. Luckily, Google will give the Marshmallow users the option to remove the icons they don’t need, in order to get a clutter-free Status Bar. This can be done by going to Settings>About Phone and tapping seven times, until you’ll have access to Developer Options> System Tuner.

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More Controls in App Permission

In Lollipop, it was also complicated to manage permissions for every application, but in Marshmallow, the users will control the number of permissions.

Resetting And Configuring The Network Settings Anytime

This feature, which is found in Settings>Backup and Resets will allow you to reset the network settings anytime, and this will lead to wiping out the WiFi, Bluetooth and Mobile Data.