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Nowadays, cable is not that used anymore, seeing how programs like Hulu Plus, Netflix and Amazon Instant Video will stream your personal favourite TV shows and films. So, if you’re thinking of terminating your cable subscription and buying a digital streaming device, then keep on reading to find out the features that the most popular gadgets on the market have. Here you have a comparison between Roku TV, Amazon Fire TV and Apple TV to help you make the best decision when purchasing your new device.

Let’s start out with Roku TV. This company has multiple players to choose from: Roku TV, the Streaming Stick, Roku 1, Roku 2 and Roku 3.

Roku vs. Apple TV vs. Chromecast vs. Amazon Fire TV

Roku TV is a pretty great streaming device overall – being considered one of the best, actually. The device supports a lot of different subscriptions such as Hulu Plus, Netflix, MLB.TV, Amazon Instant Video, Youtube, HBO Go and NFL which is an amazing diversity for this kind of gadget. It also holds more than 1700 apps, which is pretty great. You can plug in your headphones too, so you don’t disturb your family or your roommate.

Roku’s strong point is that it searches across seventeen services. This kind of makes up for not being that inclined to gaming options, not as much as you’ll see Amazon’s device is.

The price for this device is of 79 US dollars, but if you’re looking for a quality streamer, we think the Roku TV is eligible.

Let’s move further to Apple’s own device and what it has to offer.

As you’d expect, Apple TV is most appealing to customers that already own an Apple device like an iPhone or an iPad, which actually can serve as remote controls for the streamer. However, it is not limited to only dedicated Apple users, the subscription list that is available to this device including quite a few programs: MLB.TV, HBO Go, Hulu Plus, Netflix, ESPN, Youtube and Sky News. If you pay 15 more dollars than its original price, you can also get HBO Now – program that is not available on the other gadgets.

The price of Apple TV was recently cut from 99 US dollars to 69, seeing how the competition is showing up with cheaper and cheaper devices.

And lastly, we have Amazon’s own device, the Amazon Fire TV.

If you already have a subscription for Hulu Plus or Amazon Instant Video, then you will be pleased to find out that the Amazon Fire TV supports both of these programs just fine. But first, let’s talk about the two choicec you get with the Amazon Fire TV: you can either get the box or the stick version. The stick is extremely cheap for what it does, being priced at 39 US dollars, probably one of the cheapest on the market. As for the box version, this one is a little bit more expensive at 99 US dollars. We feel that both offer almost the same service, so it’s up to you what version you want to purchase.

Also, if you’re going to buy an Amazon device, you’ll be pleased to know that the company is bringing HBO Go to both the stick and the box.

Amazon Fire TV Stick ,Fire TV 4K

If you enjoy finding out information about the TV show or film you are watching, then Amazon’s newest update to their gadgets will be right up your alley. Until now, you couldn’t get this info if you didn’t have the Fire tablet, but now the X-ray feature is available to Fire TV. What the X-ray feature does is that it gets you all the info you need: full list of crew & cast, soundtracks or any other info relevant to what you are watching.

Amazon offers a lot with the Fire TV like: the possiblity to connect with an USB drive, to voice command your gadget, to connect Bluetooth headphones without wires and even an ASAP feature. No, ASAP does not stand for as soon as possible, but actually for Advance Streaming and Prediction. This feature will predict what you want to watch next and will automatically buffer that for you, leaving you with the task of hitting play.

If you’re a gaming addict (we all secretly are), then you will be pleased to find out that Amazon has over 1400 apps on the Fire TV, making it a casual gamer’s dream.