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Currently, the Windows Insiders can test a new Windows 10 build and on August 19, Microsoft released the Technical Preview 3 for Windows Server 2016, which is a server OS that’s part of the Windows NT family. Moreover, the Surface Pro fans are preparing to get their hands on the next flagship tablet, as it’s rumored to get released in October.

The Insider program keeps the fans’ interest high, and now there are over five million members who are testing the new features, before they’re added to Windows 10 and become available worldwide. Microsoft released on August 18 Build 10525 for Windows 10, after the new operating system was launched on July 29, and the members of the Insider program can explore updates and through the Windows Feedback application, they can leave feedback (opinions, suggestions and complaints).

Facebook Messenger Update, Windows 10 Mobile

The Insiders who downloaded this build noticed that the Memory Manager has been improved so that the programs can use memory more efficiently, and another change is related to the possibility to choose a different color for the Start menu, Taskbar, Action Center and Title Bars, or to make them transparent.

Recently, Microsoft released update KB3081424 of Windows 10, but the company wasn’t really clear on what fixes it contained, and the users were a bit frustrated because they didn’t know what they were downloading. Microsoft should provide more information about everything they release, even if the upgrades are small.

There was a serious security problem which enabled remote code execution when the users were accessing a crafted webpage, if they were browsing using Internet explorer, which allowed the hackers to have the same user rights as the owner of the device. So, the developers had to bring an emergency out-of-band patch in order to remove this exploit.

Microsoft Surface Pro 4

In addition, the third technical preview for the Windows Server 2016 has been launched a few days ago and the users can take a first look at the Windows Server Containers which makes the DevOps process faster and the developers can easily build modern applications.

Since autumn is approaching, we’re hearing more rumors about a possible launch of the Surface Pro 4 tablet, which will be available in two screen sizes, but Microsoft will also bring in October other devices, including the Lumia 950 and 950 XL smartphones, and a new Microsoft Band.