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We all remember that when Windows 8 appeared on the market, users were reticent to get the upgrade and stuck on the Windows 7 operating system because the new one radically changed its interface.

Now, we’re expecting Microsoft’s new OS, Windows 10, to be more appealing to the customers. Today we decided that we’d compare Windows 7 to Windows 10 to see what changes have been done and you can make your decision on which version suits you the best.


The new operating system comes with the well-known, at least for Windows Phone users, virtual assistant Cortana. This assistant adds to the user experience, making searching a lot easier on your computer. Think of it as having the iOS Siri assistant but on your computer. Via voice commands you can find out about events, appointments, the weather, you can make Google searches and actually add to your calendar or notebook information that you don’t want to forget.


Cortana is a new refreshing experience for your PC and it is said to be released in versions for Android and iOS as well. So if your phone is not operating the Windows Phone operating system, there is no worries because you can still sync your data on more than one device.

Virtual Desktops

Virtual Desktops are available to both Windows 7 and Windows 10 and they are a great way of organizing your data in multiple desktops that you can scroll through and find your desired files easier.

However, what is different about the new OS is that it has Virtual Desktops as an integrated part, while with Windows 7 installed, you need to download the Desktops v2.0 software as well. It is an improvement that the Windows 10 operating system has included this feature into its package, but it’s not that difficult to download another software either. So, as far as we’re concerned, Windows 7 and Windows 10 are equals in this department.

Included browser

As any Windows user knows, Internet Explorer has always been pre-installed in the OS as a default browser. Windows 7 still has this browser installed, but Windows 10 is coming with a change in browser called Edge. This new addition is quite worth it in our opinion, being able to compete with the most popular browsers out there: Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome and Opera. Edge has some improvements like the Reading Mode (makes reading easier by getting rid of the clutter web pages usually have), annotating pages and integration with the Cortana virtual assistant. Overall, this new browser impresses the tech world with its elegance and fast response.

Other details

Here we’re mentioning a few interesting features Microsoft added to the new operating system such as: Continuum, Snap Assist, Refresh and Reset and a settings category for your desktop called ‘Syncing’.

Windows 7 vs. Windows 10

As for price, Microsoft makes a quite pleasant surprise to Windows users as the operating system is completely free of charge. And after all, if you’re not comfortable with the new OS, you can always downgrade to Windows 7 – the company made sure that the process of downgrading will run smoothly, without any data disappearing from your computer.

Last thoughts

In our opinion, the new operating system that Microsoft is bringing to the table is a lot more user friendly than the Windows 8 update and it surely appeals to us more than its predecessor. The new features will come in handy, but if you’re not pleased with the changes, Windows 7 will still be a great OS to get back to.