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Google Play Store is the home of some of the most amazing apps you will ever find.

What most users do not understand is the huge number of features found on the Play Store. In fact, most users have a predetermined set of features that they use on this app. They forget the hundreds of features that are found in this app, which they rarely put to use. The presence of the features is one reason that will ensure Play Store does not lose its popularity any time soon.

Customizing Automatic Updates

It is possible to update all apps using Google Play Store automatically. To do this, you must allow the Play Store to do the updates automatically. The Play Store needs your permission to update apps automatically. Failure to give the Play Store the permission to do automatic updates will mean responding to its request for you to allow it to do the updates – an exercise that can make you annoyed.

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To give the Play Store the right to do automatic updates, you need to change the settings. After undertaking the necessary changes on the settings, the Play Store will proceed to update all apps automatically without disturbing or causing you any inconvenience. If the updates are to happen automatically and properly, it is important that you ensure the Internet connection remains excellent at all times.

Creation of Wishlist for Books, Movies and Apps

It is worth mentioning that there are more than 1.5 million apps alone on Google Play Store. It is difficult to keep up with such a huge number of apps. With this new feature, you can not only keep track of, but also mark the apps that you should download, install and use later. The wishlist feature on the Play Store is available for use by all people. The feature allows you to identify, monitor and mark movies, books, music and apps to download later when you have the time.

Creating the wishlist saves you plenty of time that you might have spent or wasted trying to remember an app, movie, music or book that you saw and wanted to download. If you lead a busy schedule, you will find this feature helpful. You do not have to write down a list of the apps, music, movie or book to download later. The Wishlist feature would take this burden away from you.

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Parental Controls to Keep Children Safe

The proliferation of Smartphone, computers and laptops has made life a bit dangerous for parents and their children. On the other hand, parents will be pleased to learn that they can apply parental control to ensure that their children remain safe and only use the age-appropriate apps. The phone and tablets at home can be dangerous to your children. The innocent-looking apps that children use to watch movies and play games could be harmful to their wellbeing.

With the parental control feature, children are able to play games and watch movies without their parents worrying about issues regarding safety. The restrictions found on this feature ensure that parents are able to offer adequate protection to their children. The restrictions ensure that children will be unable to download explicit content or apps. Parents should go to the setting and enable this feature. These features show that Google Play Store will remain popular for long.