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WhatsApp is the most popular messaging app at the moment, and Facebook Inc., the company that bought the application, is aware that they have to be up to date with any changes coming up in the tech market. As most of you probably know, Windows 10 will hit the markets pretty soon, and the Mobile version will be available as well.

Right now, the company is officially working on adjusting WhatsApp to be compatible with the new operating system and maybe make some improvements for the Windows Phone users out there.

WhatsApp 2.12.226, Windows Phone, WhatsApp Windows Phone

An interesting detail we’ve seen with the company’s statement about the new update is that they refer to what we know as Windows 10 Mobile as a ‘Windows Phone 10’ operating system. A guess on why they are refering to the OS in this way is because Windows 10 is still in its preview state and will only be released in late fall.

However, WhatsApp confirmed in a support message that they are working on making a compatible version of the app and it will be released rather sooner than later. Other rumours about changes in the new version of this well-known messaging app have not surfaced, but we have a gut feeling that the company will take advantage of this situation to infiltrate some subtle changes in the mix.

Here’s what the support message from the company actually says: “We appreciate your feedback about WhatsApp compatibility with Windows Phone 10 and apologize for the inconvenience.Windows Phone 10 is not an official OS version and currently we are not supporting WhatsApp on beta OS versions.  Our developers are working hard on providing you with a compatible version. Thank you for your patience and support for WhatsApp.”

WhatsApp Windows Phone

We haven’t heard of any complaints regarding the WhatsApp application not working on Windows 10 Mobile, but if the company has heard them, then they must be true.

Either way, the new version of the app is very welcomed, seeing as it might bring some other changes with it as well. In the mean time, we have to wait for the release, which probably will be pretty soon, seeing how the release of the new OS is not that far in the future either.