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Facebook has rolled out the latest WhatsApp 2.12.241 for all Android users and with this application comes to a new feature to showcase to the millions who use it for messaging and calling purposes.

This won’t be the first new feature WhatsApp has rolled out in the recent past. In fact, the company has been very busy with releasing updates for Android and other platforms that include Windows Phone and iOS. However, the latest update is currently available for iOS users only.

This update has also strived in ensuring that users have more personalized chats in addition to having customized notifications. However, backing up messages in Google Drive is yet to come to the stable version of WhatsApp for Android.

So, what are the latest top features in WhatsApp 2.12.241 free download?

As noted above, WhatsApp latest version comes with more than just one new feature. There are lots of other improvements that have been added to the platform and for sure, they are succeeding in transforming the experience of using this messaging app.


Customized notifications

The latest version of WhatsApp comes in with an ability that lets users customize their notifications. By tapping on any chat, you will see this new feature where it is possible to assign each contact a different notification tone and a lot more.

Popup notifications

You may at times be tiredof7 opening up your app to read messages becomes cumbersome. Now WhatsApp has heard your calls, and it has rolled out a new feature within Custom notifications. You can decide to display messages in theform of pop-ups and even decide to reply to them without the need of opening the main app.

Mark messages as unread

It is now possible to mark messages as unread so that you can respond to it later. Any chat that is marked as unread will be highlighted.


Mute Conversations

If anyone is irritating you on WhatsApp, you can easily mute their individual chats so that they can’t disturb you anymore.

Low data usage

WhatsApp introduced a voice calling feature earlier this year. This feature was complained by many to be a data hog and WhatsApp again has heard these bitter cries. Inside the Calls settings, you can access an option where you can reduce the amount of data used during calls.

Users can also make use of the network usage feature to keep track of their app’s data consumption.