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Are you an Android phone user and addicted to WhatsApp messaging? Then you must be aware about the fact that you have to pay for the continuation of the messaging service once the trial edition is over. Those who wish to continue WhatsApp messaging need to make a payment of 0.99 dollar every year.

If this news makes you worried and you are not willing to pay for the continuation of this service, try these five alternatives of WhatsApp for free. These apps have similar functions as WhatsApp and some of them even provide HD video quality calling with enhanced security.

Viber vs. WeChat

  1. Viber: Viber, a similar and perfect alternative to WhatsApp is getting wide popularity for its extensive features. It uses only phone number to identify the user. Once the identification is over, it will access your address book to see if there any contacts connected to Viber so that you can easily get linked with them. Unlike WhatsApp, you can make free calls on Viber through internet connection.
  2. Line: Line, another instant messaging app is giving tough competition to WhatsApp. To use Line, you just need to give your registered phone number which it keeps in its database and you can get connected with your friends instantly. The best feature of this app is that it allows you to reply messages via downloading it on MacOS program and PC. You need to create an email account to avail its features. Apart from text messaging, you can call people on Line at free of cost.
  3. Kakao Talk Messenger: To run this application, you need to give your phone number and they will provide a four digit code required to enter to become a registered user. Once your registration is over, this app will go through your address book and find other Kakao users in your contacts so that you can get connected with them easily. Here, in this application, you will get another option of creating a group chat where you can send pictures, videos, content and even share calendar.
  4. Facebook Messenger: The Facebook Messenger runs perfectly on the Android and iOS devices. This instant messaging app is a great alternative to WhatsApp offering similar features to cater to your needs. The only loophole of this app is you cannot communicate with friends who don’t have Facebook accounts.
  5. Skype: Skype is one of the most popular messaging apps and is the best alternative to WhatsApp. Recently it has merged its contacts with MSN and Hotmail so that you can connect with Skype users all over the world. This app is not only a great app that allows you to make free calls, but you can also send text messages to your contacts. This feature has been added for ensuring the security of the users.

There are plenty of instant messaging apps available that can be considered alternative to WhatsApp messaging app. The competition is increasing at a very fast pace and WhatsApp is facing a tough fight from all these messaging apps.

WeChat, Viber, Messenger

Hence, if you are not willing to pay money for continuing the service of WhatsApp, it is time to make the switch because the above mentioned apps are not only perfect alternative to WhatsApp, but are also available for the iOS and Android users.

Developers are constantly working on making these apps more functional so that it can cater to the requirements of the people. Therefore, start using alternatives to WhatsApp and connect with your friends regardless of the type of mobile OS.

Moreover, WhatsApp messenger has not been designed to work on some phones such as Samsung Wave III, Wave II and Bada OS. Users of such devices now don’t need to worry as these five alternatives to WhatsApp will definitely serve your requirements.