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Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge was launched earlier this year together with the Samsung Galaxy S6.

However, it seems the South Korean tech giant behind this elegant smartphone models had not exhausted its ideas all the way.

Just recently, two smartphones were launched and they are Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+ and another new member of the Note series, Galaxy Note 5. The former is an enhanced version of the earlier model, Galaxy S6 Edge and for sure, it has a lot to showcase. At the moment, it seems Galaxy S6 Edge is outperforming its counterpart, the Galaxy S6, when it comes to sales. Now that there is a new and improved version of this curved screen technology, the choice between the two even gets tougher, especially for the less tech-savvy.

samsung-galaxy-s6-edge-marshmallow (1)

However, worry less as our experts have lined up a decent comparison between the Galaxy S6 Edge+ and the S6 Edge.


In terms of hardware, little has changed with the new Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus. The screen size has jumped from 5.1 inches on the S6 Edge to 5.7 inches on the S6 Edge+. There is some scaling that has been done on the curves of the S6 Edge so as to meet the size of the new S6 Edge Plus model.

Both devices have a similar metallic frame, a Corning glass on both front and back faces, have same color variants. The S6 Edge Plus also still hides its wireless charging underneath the back panel. On the white color variant of the Galaxy S6 Edge Plus, the camera pod has been changed from white to black. It seems Samsung wants this device to be a media consumption tool and hence the huge display screen.


There is close to no difference between the TouchWiz interface that has been included on the Galaxy S6 Edge+ and that on the Galaxy S6 Edge. However, the former comes with the Android 5.1.1 Lollipop, but the update will still be pushed to Galaxy S6 Edge in due time. Just like the Galaxy Note 5, there is a new ability to live stream YouTube content via a feature integrated to the camera app of the Galaxy S6 Edge+. There is speculation that this camera feature might find its way to the Galaxy S6 Edge model very soon.

When looking at the screen of these two smartphones, the Edge Plus has an edge over the S6 Edge. There are new features aimed at improving the multitasking capability of this phone and they affect the People Edge and App Edge aspects. It’s now possible to launch the former from any screen as opposed to the previous case where it was only restricted to the lock screen and home screen. It is also possible to configure this feature such that it launches from anywhere on the side of the screen, rather than at top of the screen. On the other hand, it will now be possible to launch the latter feature when the former is exposed and in the end, the users will have more room for multitasking.

Specifications and battery life

When you take a keen look at the specifications of these two smartphones, there is very little difference. The Galaxy S6 Edge+ and the S6 Edge both have a similar display type, same resolution, but the former has a larger screen size. Both phones have an octa-core Exynos processor installed, but the S6 Edge Plus has 4GB of RAM, 1GB more than the Galaxy S6 Edge.


The Galaxy S6 Edge has a battery unit of 2600mAh and when compared to the 3000mAh you get on the Galaxy S6 Edge Plus, it for sure a plus in the battery life. Both devices support faster and wireless charging, but the latter can achieve a full charge in 2 hours of wireless charging.


The pricing factor is very crucial when choosing between these two almost identical smartphones. Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus has been unveiled in the United States at a price of $800 and when compared to the $650 asking price for the Galaxy S6 Edge, it leaves the users with the question of whether they are after a larger screen display, more RAM or just something similarly powerful and can easily be held in one hand. The choice is yours!