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The OnePlus 2 is the upcoming phone that will act as a replacement for the OnePlus One – an immensely successful smartphone in the last 12 months.

The success achieved by this device is impeccable considering that it was going against competition like the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 and the iPhone 6 Plus. Both these phones had incredible marketing budget, but the OnePlus One managed to overcome it all. Its successor OnePlus 2 will have a similar philosophy, but it will be up against the Galaxy Note 5, which is a new and improved version of the Note 4.


The primary aspect that differentiates the Galaxy Note 5 from its predecessor is the design element, which is made much more modern and contemporary. It is in line with the design cues of the Galaxy S6, which has received a lot of positive acclaim.

OnePlus 2

Further, the Galaxy Note 5 also uses extremely thin bezels to help reduce the width of the phone down to just 76 mm. Of course, it is not comparable with phones with 5 inch screens, but it is a great improvement compared to the Galaxy Note 4. Astonishingly, it is just over 1 mm wider than the OnePlus 2, which has a slightly smaller 5.5 inch display.


The screen size remains similar on both phones with the Galaxy Note 5 continuing with the same 5.7 inch screen that has already featured in a couple of generations. The last generation, however, featured a massive jump to the QHD resolution category and this continues on the Galaxy Note 5 as well. This is probably one area where the OnePlus 2 immensely disappoints since the phone does not offer QHD resolution. Instead, it sticks with the same full HD display that did its job in the predecessor.


The Galaxy Note 5 is the first in the Note series not to have a removable battery. In the day and age of comprehensive power banks, it appears that Samsung has decided to do away with this feature. The OnePlus 2 is just like its predecessor and has a non-removable battery. Another feature that is missing on the Galaxy Note 5 compared to the predecessors is the microSD card slot.

Samsung Galaxy Note 5, S5, Android 6.0 Marshmallow Update

Instead, Samsung provides different alternatives with regard to internal memory. The lack of flexibility, though, maybe a worrying aspect for some. The maximum storage in a Galaxy Note 5 cannot be more than 64 GB, which is disappointing in today’s standards.


In the price range where it operates, the 64 GB maximum storage offered by the OnePlus 2 seems sufficient. It will be offered in two versions with the 16 GB version providing only 3 GB of RAM. The top version will come with 4 GB of RAM just like in the Galaxy Note 5. The Samsung opts for the Exynos processor whereas the OnePlus 2 will come with a snapdragon 810 chip. Performance is likely to be down tuned on the OnePlus 2 in order to reduce the heating issues.