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Businesses now have more opportunities to introduce their services to potential clients more than they did at any other point.

Businesses need to post plenty of ads, and one way of doing this is through making videos and posting on social media. Instagram is one of the most popular in this regard. The fact that users post more than 40 million photos on Instagram per day every month means that it is the ideal site for publishing business ads.

Value in Photos

The adage that a photo is worth more than a thousand words holds true where Instagram is concerned. If you are searching for a visually dynamic way in which to display a product, Instagram would be your best bet.


Behind The Scenes Look

By posting photos and videos showing what goes on behind the scenes at your business, you will succeed in creating rapport with your clients. Posting a photo or video of what goes on in making your products will help create some familiarity with customers thus act as an advertising tool.

Encouraging Customer Participation

Customers are increasingly opting to purchase goods and services from suppliers who allow them to participate. Hashtags present one way through which a business could encourage customers to be involved with its operations.

Building Personality for the Business

With Instagram, a businesscan build a strong personality. Businesses should use this social media platform to build their personality and show all that they have to offer. The personality that the business creates will form the basis of what clients think about it.

Building Trust

Instagram offers businesses a platform through which to promote trust with clients. While it is true that the online interactions could hamper human touch, Instagram could offer some help here by building or enhancing the trust levels, which is central to the success of advertisements.

Best for Conversations

The best ads for any business should ensure that its name remains in public discussions and conversations for as long as it takes. Through Instagram, you can hold several contests and offer your customers plenty of rewards when they win.

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Promoting Special Events

If you want an idea that would make it easier for you to promote special events, the best bet would be to use Instagram. Through this platform, you can tell the whole world about an upcoming trade fair where your company will be involved as a participant.

Going Viral

It is the dream of many businesses to go viral with their ads. Posting a video or photo showing a funny animal or activity is the best way of ensuring that it goes viral. When it goes viral, the business will also go viral and receive universal recognition.

Therefore, if you ever wanted a platform that allows you to market your business better without costing you an arm and a leg in the process, the best platform to use would be Instagram. With this platform, you can advertise all that you want the clients to know about the business.