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Waiting longer than necessary in a queue can be such a frustrating act.

Fortunately, where you could have done nothing about the queues in the past, Google Maps now provides you with several options. The app can help people on queues because of a new feature that it now has. The new app enables the users to identify the busiest hours the business that you would like to visit has, during any day of the week.

The feature on Google Maps that provides you with such details only has the information that you need. It is upon you to decide how you want to use the information to help you avoid queues especially in shopping malls. With this new feature, you will avoid finding yourself in long queues at the gym, bank, restaurant and other types of business outlets that you often visit. The time you spend avoiding such queues could be put into good use elsewhere.

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With the new a feature on Google Maps, it is possible for you to use the information to create a schedule regarding the best time for visiting the gym, bank, restaurant or shopping mall. A visit to the doctor’s office or clinic could also prove less strenuous when you use the information that the app provides you with, to avoid queues. Google is able to come up with this feature because of its ability to track what people are doing when logged in to their preferred apps.

The new feature on Google Maps enables you to visit your preferred destinations when the crowds are fewer. According to some experts, the new feature on this app probably has its roots or origin in Waze, which Google recently acquired. When you select a page of any business, the app will provide you with detailed information regarding its busiest hours. If you own a smartphone that is GPS enabled, you will benefit the most from the app.

Google developed the new app specifically to benefit the users with a huge dislike for queuing. If you have a very short time to visit the local shopping mall, using this feature will help you realize the best time for visiting. Currently, the new feature is available only for the Android users. Google is yet to state or clarify whether the feature will soon be available for the iOS users. The app not only gives the busiest hours, but also the contact number and addresses of the business.

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Currently, the new feature on Google Maps has not enjoyed universal applause. Some users have raised diverse complaints against it. Other users cannot stop sharing the reasons for using this new feature. This is because the new feature helps the customers who do not desire being caught up in long queues. However, many businesses thrive when queues are longer, thus would not take kindly to the possibility of losing some of their customers.

Therefore, do not hesitate to begin using Google Maps and checking whether it has the new feature that would enable you to avoid business premises full of long queues. The new feature would be a huge convenience to you at all times. The new feature would make it easier for you to come up with a detailed schedule, thus avoiding waste of time. The new feature makes it easier for you to be a better manager of your time.

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