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Being an Android app developer can be so much fun; however, there are times when deciding between major platforms to feature your apps can be confusing.

App Store, which is the official store for the iOS devices, offers high prices for its app because it is linked to affluent members of the society, while Google Play Store for the Android devices can go very cheap and even has major apps available free of charge. This makes it quite difficult to make a decision as to which store or platform is the best for you.

It is a very difficult decision to make because the main aim of having an app developed is to make some profits for your efforts.

Android 6.0 Marshmallow, Android Update, Google Play Store

So, do you go through with Apple iOS or Android operating system? Due to the number of people who use the Android devices all over the world, you can count on more downloads from the Google Play Store. This is why choosing to be an Android developer makes a lot of sense. Current updates of Google’s Play Store made sure that developers all over the world have the ability or are able to make their talents and ideas known to the world and also make much money from it.

Creating an App Brand or Developer Page is Easy

Due to this, Android app developers have benefits that make them have a better ground or stand compared to other developers for other stores. If you are an Android app developer with many apps on the store, making app catalog page modifications is easy. Developers can modify their pages with unique banner graphics, and their brand icons.

Also, an application from their catalog can be the feature of the page. The developer gets to decide which up is made the feature of the page. This helps to increase the level of downloads by the users and helps to substantiate the credibility of the developer.

Google Play Store App For Apple TV

Payments by Google are never delayed

Google in the year 2014 states that, it paid 7 billion dollars to its app developers through its Play Store. This shows how much concern Google has for its developers and also the level of financial stability it has made possible for them.

Bottom Line

Every app developer wants to be affiliated with an app store that offers more than just a good platform. They also want to have a store that has their interests in mind and want them to have the very best, no matter what. This is why most app developers choose Android and Google Play Store.