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There are so many different mapping apps that have been introduced over the years.

However, you can count on Google Maps to stand out and offer you much more than the others do. Just like Google does all the time, this mapping has been designed to guide users and make sure they never lose their way.

There is one unique feature from Waze that can be found in the Google Maps app which is the reroute feature. This feature has made this mapping app stand out and loved by users worldwide.

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What the Reroute Feature Brings

The reroute feature in Google Maps makes your routes safer, but faster as well. Due to the swiftness of this feature to provide mapping coordinates and other locations, it is very easy for you to find your locations and find out where you are going with ease.

Also, it has the ability to reroute the users intelligently in case there is a traffic accident or some major delays on the current route you are taking. All of these and more made Google Maps beneficial to most people who use them. Earlier, this feature was not present on the app, but is has been for some time now and this has changed the benefits people tend to have from the app.

Both the iOS and Android versions of the mapping app have been updated to make sure the dynamic rerouting feature works for the users on such devices.

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If you are currently making use of the navigation feature in the mapping app, you are able to get a quicker route. This happens by a faster route being made available to you through a pop up showing on the bottom of your screen. This pop up will invite you to take that alternative or alternative route. If you decide to ignore the faster path or route, the pop up will disappear after 30 seconds; so you should be quick about accepting it or declining.

If you decide to accept the invite, all you need to do is to tap the screen and all routes will change. However, you will still be going to your final destination and nowhere else. The implementation of Waze technology into Google Maps will definitely improve due to the high number of Google Maps users. If you have always found yourself in a situation where you need new routes to a specific destination, then you should start using Google Maps app.