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There aren’t a lot of email clients with a wide market share like Gmail or Google mail.

What began as a simple 20% project at Google has grown to become the best email client in the world. Although there are so many of these email clients, Google stands out to be the best. Email is one important thing that is needed by every individual for different reasons and processes.

Google Inbox has come to take over the old Gmail setup. Not that the old one was not good enough, however the new features Google added were meant to make its usage flexible and better.


So, how do you benefit from Gmail?

Well, the solution for the old cluttered inbox has now become free and easy to use. Also, there are more labels that can be added to the inbox settings. The new Google Inbox has been designed to come in beta for mobile device and also the web.

For the most part of this new inbox, you will realize that the email client is mainly focused on the material design of Google. This means, it is a flat design with animations and big buttons everywhere. Even with this new design, all basic parts of the electronic mail still exist; however, things are more open and polished.

You are also able to separate your emails and make sure the chuff is on one side and your important emails on another. With this new inbox, you spend very little time looking through and searching your inbox for the emails you need.

Other Features of this new Mail You Can Benefit From

Although, in the beginning, this change seemed like the best presentation tool, it has proven to be one of the best email organization tools ever. Emails can be snoozed and this makes it easy to hide them based on different related elements.

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You can decide to make emails disappear for about an hour, a whole day or even for a specific time. You can also snooze emails till ‘someday’ and have it come back into your inbox.

You can make sure important emails are marked. However, if you do not want to keep them for a longer time, then you can pin them. These pins are almost the same as the old starts system that Google mail used to have. Also, you have more sorting out features and flagging alternatives to customize your new Gmail.