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Microsoft made a lucrative move by offering tools that will make it easier for developers of Android and iOS apps to reuse the same code when developing Windows Store apps.

These apps must, first of all, be converted to Universal Windows apps before they can be used on a Windows 10 Mobile phone.

These tools will not be of any help to the common user unless developers exploit them. However, something unusual is already happening with the new release of Windows 10 Mobile as some Android apps are believed to be able to run on this OS even without the need of porting them to the platform.

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Google Mobile Services, Google Play Store and other Google apps now available on Windows 10

A group of hackers have already showcased their abilities with the latest Microsoft release by coming out with a way of installing Google Mobile Services, the Google Play Store and many other Google apps on the latest Windows 10 Mobile. Even though this is a very interesting project, it is important to note that it is not official.

If this succeeds, it will be very easy to install an Android-based app on a phone or tablet installed with Windows 10 Mobile. However, apps that must run with Google Mobile Services may end up working with errors. As a result, developers are also looking at ways in which this service can be installed on this Microsoft platform. This will ensure there is full support for the Play Store and a result, downloading and updating of Android apps on Windows 10 Mobile will be as easy as on Android phones.

When the Google Mobile Services and the Play Store are working well, it means the need to side loadthird-party apps to this platform will be eliminated. Also, these third party apps will work much better. A script of how to load Google Apps on some of the latest Lumia devices installed with Windows 10 Mobile is available on XDA Developers forum thanks to a member known as ADeltaX. However, the Play Store is not yet working properly, and it often crashes.

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More time required to perfect Play Store Services on Windows 10 Mobile

Even though it’s very possible to install the latest Google Play Store and other Google Apps on a Windows 10 Mobile smartphone, the services are yet to be fully functional. According to ADeltaX, Microsoft is still working on Project Astoria software, which is meant to allow Android apps to run perfectly on Windows 10 devices.

It is expected that this will not last long and as soon as Microsoft is done with Project Astoria, things will get smoother with using Google Play Store and other Android apps on Windows 10 Mobile smartphones.