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Today we’re comparing two of Windows 10’s versions, the two that are available to the public: Windows 10 Pro and Windows 10 Home. There are seven version of this operating system, but most of them are not released for the public (like the Enterprise and Education versions).


There are not many differences between the two, since they are versions of the same operating system, so we’ll start with what the two have in common.

Windows 10 Testers to Sync Windows Phone Notifications Improvements

The newest operating system from Microsoft comes with the very helpful virtual assistant named Cortana. This feature will help you with almost all your basic actions. Via voice commands, you can make Cortona help you with searching the web, open files and apps, receiving directions and making calendar entries. Cortana is actually available on Windows Phone as well, and will very soon be available in the form of an app to iOS and Android smartphones.

After Internet Explorer being one of the most made fun of browsers available, Microsoft is bringing a new browser to their users called Edge. This new browser can definitely be a self standing competition to the most used ones like Opera, Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome. As for new features Edge has are: the Reading Mode, the annotation of pages and the most interesting one, in our opinion, the InstapaperPocket Reading List which is basically a list of saved articles that you want to read later.

Both the Windows 10 Pro and the Windows 10 Home shows off Virtual Desktops. This is a new idea, Microsoft bringing the feature in other versions of their OS before, but now we feel like it has reached its best potential. Before, you had to install additional software to make this feature work, but now, with the new ‘Task View’ category, you can easily drag apps and files on different desktops. We think that it is a nice way to organize all of your data and most users are excited about this option being optimized.

Microsoft has brought to both versions the opportunity of installing universal apps which will be available in the Windows Store. These apps will work on any of your devices, be it your computer, phone, tablet or the console Xbox One.


The Home version is the “simpler” version of Windows 10, meaning that it is perfect for the common user. The Pro version is made specifically for people that need to work on their computer as part of their profession – being perfect for professionals and businesses. The Windows 10 Pro comes with better security features, as Joe Belfiore (vice president of the Operating Systems Group) says about previous versions: “With BitLocker, the end user faces an all or nothing decision for the entire drive to be encrypted, and it doesn’t provide for very much flexibility in the way files move around. We’re solving those problems.”

Now, BitLocker gives you the opportunity of encrypting particular files that you want, and keep unencrypted ones as well.

Microsoft Surface Pro 5, Windows 10 Redstone 2

Here we have a list of other features the Windows 10 Pro holds, being solely focused on a business’s needs: Enterprise Data Protection, Group Policy Management, Assigned Acces 8.1, Remote Destops, access to Windows 10 Business Store, Azure Active Directory and virtualisation.

Final thoughts

Both versions are extremely great operating systems, so whichever you choose will ensure the greatest user experience that Microsoft has given to customers until now. The Windows 10 Pro does come with more features, but if you are not looking for a business oriented OS, there is no need to get the Pro version – because there surely is a difference in price between the two.