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Microsoft has released a new operating system this July and people have been reporting some issues. Even though Windows 10 comes with some great updates and new features, the OS has brought some bugs too. The problem is not too bad for normal users, but Windows Insiders, the ones that help Microsoft to give their users the best experience, are finding more and more bugs. The most recent one came with the preview buld 10525. The Insiders that use the 64-bit version of the new OS cannot open the Google Chrome browser.

Specifically, what is happening is that Chrome won’t be responsive anymore and just show up a “Aw Snap!” message. Any trying of opening up a page is useless, because the browser just doesn’t load them.

Windows 10 vs. Windows 8.1 2

How some experts are describing the matter is an immune conflict: Windows 10 with its 10525 preview build and the 64-bit Google Chrome just don’t work together. The sandbox feature the Google Chrome browser has built intervenes with the operating system’s activity.

*A sandbox is the browser’s feature that is basically an ‘antivirus’: it acts like a safeguard against any malware.”

This is actually confirmed by a Google engineer, as Computerwolrd has quoted: “It looks like the sandbox is breaking in the Win10 10525 previews for 64-bit Chrome”.

There are two solutions to this problem: either use the 32-bit browser, or use the 64-bit browser without the sandbox. The first solution is just fine, because the operating system does not interfere with Chrome’s activity and the browser will work 100%.  We recommend this method.

Windows 10 Build 10532

However, if you want to experience the 64-bit browser better, you can remove its sandbox feature to actually make it work with this OS. We just have to warn you that doing this, you will be prone to malware intrusion and it wouldn’t be our first choice.

As for what Google has to say about all of this, they are saying that the conflict between the two is just a temporary glitch and the official OS will not perform the same. Also, they are recommending that normal users (as in the ones not in the Insiders Program) should not install the preview build because there is almost 100% chance of finding bugs.