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WhatsApp Web is a desktop client that is used by WhatsApp users to access their messages via a PC.

This application was launched at the start of this year; however, it has taken it over half a year to come to the iPhone platform.

WhatsApp Web has been around since January this year. However, since then only users of Android, Nokia, Windows Phone and BlackBerry were able to use it on their PCs. According to WhatsApp, there were “Apple platform limitations” that contributed to the omission of WhatsApp Web on iPhones. Many pundits predicted that even though there were some issues with WhatsApp Web for iOS, they were to be resolvedsometime later – and this is the time.

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Send and receive WhatsApp messages via Mac PCs

WhatsApp has over 800 million users from all over the world. This large group of people exchanges more than 30 billion messages on a daily basis, and a huge chunk of them are exchanged via phones. This is going to change suddenly as this Web version keeps cementing its place in the PC world.

When it first rolled out for Android users, WhatsApp Web had its limitations. Among them support for only one web browser – Google Chrome – and availability of limited services. Users of this platform could only send and receive messages via this platform, however, with each, and every update comes with a new feature and ability. WhatsApp Web for PCs now lets users play around with the settings of the app, change their status, profile pictures, join groups and many other things that were not possible.

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Since WhatsApp Web for iOS is just coming in, little can be said with respect to its capabilities. However, users can be sure of sending and receiving messages via this platform and save themselves sometimes that is usually wasted on checking the phone now and then.

How to check if WhatsApp Web for iPhone is available on your phone

The list of devices supported by WhatsApp Web has already been updated by the company and among them is the iPhone.

However, just to make sure the feature is already working on your iPhone, you need to check the settings of the app. If it’s there, you should notice a WhatsApp Web option on the list. If not, it won’t be long before it comes to you as the update seems to be coming out slowly.