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Out of the more than 800 million people that use WhatsApp from all parts of the world, only those using Android, BlackBerry, Windows Phone and Nokia devices were able to use WhatsApp Web on their desktops and laptops.

However, there is now good news for those using iPhones as the company has recently begun rolling out an update that sees users of iOS devices join this Web version bandwagon. It is not the first time WhatsApp has rolled out an update for Android and left out iOS users.

In fact, it has grown to become a common thing for the developers of this Facebook-owned instant messenger to consider rolling out updates for Android users first. The main reason that is usually cited for this trend is the huge number of devices or rather users that are on the Android platform as compared to those on iOS and Windows Phone.

WhatsApp Web for iPhone

WhatsApp Web available via Chrome web browser

Ever since WhatsApp Web came into being earlier this year, it has had issues with compatibility. One of the major one was its inability to support more than the Chrome web browser. Since this application is a web version and not a native client, it must be accessed via a web browser. Google Chrome was not enough to accommodate the millions of users who rely on this app for their day-to-day communication purposes. As a result, the developers added support for more web browsers in the shape of Mozilla Firefox and Opera, a move that was appreciated by many.

Now that WhatsApp Web has been availed on iPhones, users still have some limitations on using it as it currently supports Chrome web browser only. However, just like with the other operating systems, it is expected that support for more web browsers will come in sooner than later.

No more dependence on iPhones for WhatsApp messaging

What this new addition to WhatsApp for iOS means is that users of this platform will no longer depend entirely on their phones for sending and receiving WhatsApp messages. Instead, they can now make use of PCs and tablets to connect with their friends using this messenger.

Users of iPhones will no longer waste their time leaving their desktop environment just so as to check on WhatsApp messages or reply to them. However, since this app is still young on this platform, there are still features that are yet to be fully functional, for instance, editing your WhatsApp profile.


How to setup WhatsApp Web on iPhones

It is not that hard to start using WhatsApp for iOS on your PC. In fact, the process works in the same manner as on Android devices. The issue of “Apple platform limitations” is no more as this application can now make use of the QR code login procedure that prevented iPhone users to access this service on their PCs.

After installing the latest version of WhatsApp on your iPhone, head over to the page using Chrome web browser on your PC or laptop. Once on this page, scan the QR code that appears using the rear camera of your iPhone. Remember the iPhone app must be running and connected to the internet in order for this to work. Once a connection is established, you will start receiving and responding to WhatsApp messages right from your Mac or MacBook.