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Bitdefender had been available for use as a worldwide leader in the field of antivirus software since 2007 when the group that created it broke off from SOFTWIN.

On the other hand, the product goes back to 2001 and 2003, when it became available for download to users around the world. The software comes in two main versions. One version serves those who need protection for the machines that they use at home.

The other version is for businesses. Each version offers adequate support to a variety of Operating Systems and devices.

Bitdefender vs. Kaspersky

If you want the home edition, it is worth remembering that it shall be able to provide adequate support for the following:

  • iOS
  • Android
  • Mac OS X
  • Windows Mobile
  • Symbian OS
  • Microsoft Windows

As for the business edition of this leading antivirus program, users with the following Operating Systems can download and install it for protection against viruses, malware, and spyware:

  • Mac OS X
  • Solaris
  • FreeBSD
  • Linux
  • Microsoft Windows

When you acquire the Bitdefender software, expect it to come with anti-spyware and antivirus capabilities. In the same way, expect the program to come with e-mail spam filtering, tune-up, firewall, and antivirus and backup as well as parental control components. A visit to the Bitdefender website will allow you to benefit from thefree online scan. If you want the free version of this program, remember to register and enjoy it for a period not exceeding one year. In other words, the validity period for the free version is one year.

Bitdefender offers adequate protection against spyware and viruses. With this program, you are guaranteed real-time protection against any attacks that viruses, malware, and spyware might pose. Bitdefender enjoys the status of being the first ever security program that featured the anti-dialer software, which was effective in blocking spyware that initially sought to gain access 7to computer modems as well as dialups to remote connections without the user’s permission and knowledge, thus causing plenty of damage.

Bitdefender, Kaspersky

If you want the best personal security suite for your device or machine today, limit the choice to Bitdefender. This security is available through the Antivirus Pro 2011, which the program’s latest iteration. Home and corporate users are now able to enjoy enhanced backup through the program. The privacy features on the antivirus software provide the user with total control over any device or machine that he is using at any given moment. With the Optimizer feature, users are guaranteed increased overall safety.

Therefore, you no longer have a reason for worrying about the safety of your confidential information when online. With Bitdefender, your machine can present the best defense and protection against all manner of viruses as well as malware and spyware. Moreover, users can download and install the free version or buy the paid-for version. The free version has just as many features as the paid-for version. For these reasons, do not hesitate but download and install Bitdefender today.