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Did you think that paying for online content was something that was going to happen anytime soon? Well, regardless of your thoughts, it is here, and it is courtesy of the most popular app in China, WeChat.

Even though this idea has been around for some time, the concept had not gained any significant traction. WeChat is however making it happen with media micropayments seemingly getting ready to receive what can be said to be their “moment”.

WeChat has more than 600 million users in China and other countries across the world. This instant messaging app recently made it public that it will expand its micropayment system to include writers who post their content via “official accounts” – a public-facing chat room that may at times double as a publishing board for any willing writer.


How WeChat writer micropayment system works

You may be wondering how this works. Well, it’s very simple. All you need to do is write an article, and once you post it, other users can choose to praise you for your commendable work. In doing so, users can also decide to donate a certain amount of cash directly to the author using WeChat payment system. Users can praise you with donations of up to $30.

WeChat has been very successful at monetizing its services and it’s perhaps the only other application besides Facebook that has this power. It has otherwise monopolized the smartphone market in China and in so doing, it has granted itself massive power as far as paying for online content is concerned.

WeChat feature for rewarding online writers still in beta

Even though there is areason to get you excited, especially if you are an online content writer, you will still have to wait a little longer before the stable version of this feature is rolled out. At the moment, only hobbyist writers can test the feature and see how it works.

WeChat, Viber, Messenger

If you don’t get any “praise” for your amazing content posted to WeChat, don’t get furious. These payments are optional and come in theform of donations. In essence, they are a “Like” button that comes with money.

Also, this feature will only be available to holders of individual accounts with personal bank cards attached to them and not business accounts that are managed by media companies. Whether this will change in the future is still not clear, something might change as time flies by the company feels that it is feasible to start with individual public-facing accounts and based on its success, the business accounts can also be brought on board.