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With the aim of adding more security and protection to this instant mobile messaging platform, KakaoTalk has come up with a secret feature that protects the privacy of users.

Daum kakao, the founder of the recently amalgamated company of Korea, said that his team is launching a new Secret chat mode that provides end to end encryption feature to these app users. The company, however, configured a ‘leave and decline’ option that allows users to leave perpetually the chat room and not get re-invited.

Function of Secret Chat Mode

This secret chat feature is a service that aims at creating continuous encryption of all messages takes place between the users. The keys to decryption of these messages have been stored in users’ devices making them understandable only to those involved in the discussion.


According to the words of Daum kakao, the secret feature chat provides high confidentiality to users conversations by offering continuous encryption service and the key to decryption will only be operated those involved in the chat. Since this decryption key is installed on the user’s device, any other third person cannot see the conversation through any point, not even server.

For now, this secret chat feature will be available only for individual chats. However, the team of Kakao said that a group chat mode will soon be launched in the begging of next year. The update of this app has also included ‘Decline’ feature that let users refuse all future chat requests in the chat room. You don’t need to take part in any group chat you are not interested in. However, this chat option will only be available to the Android users for the time being.  The Android users can down this app from the Play Store of Google.

The growing awareness of privacy concern and the continuous increase in the number of requests from users have compelled instant messaging app makers to improve their privacy feature.

Installation of Kakao Secret Chat Mode

To install this secret chat mode on their Android device, users must press the menu in the upper right corner of 1:1 chat room and select it. They can also invite a friend to the chat room by using the chat bubble with a plus sign.

After the selection of the friend is done in the chat room, users have the access to select the mode of chat they prefer such as 1:1 chat or secret chat. The decryption keys are stored on the device and therefore, your messages cannot be read by any third person.

The team of Kakao has also joined other messaging app providers such as Whatsapp to overcome the so-called security storm as almost all app makers have become very much conscious regarding safeguarding the users data.


With this recent update, Kakao has gained more than 150 million users across the globe. In fact, it has been observed from a recent calculation that around 92 percent of Smartphone users are using this app.

By seeing their progress in this section, a popular messaging app WhatsApp has added continuous or end to end encryption to all its chat messages with Whisper system. Similarly, Line, Viber have also rolled out a security update to protect the privacy of the users when someone try to get access to their account to acquire personal details about the users.

Presently, KakaoTalk is focusing more on reaching out to global users in the market. The makers of this app hope that this security update will help the company to gain more active users. At present, Kakao has more than 160 million registered users globally, and users are giving good feedback on the functioning of this new security chat mode.