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Apple’s fall event is soon coming, and as we get even closer to this date, rumors of a bigger iPad pro coming out are beginning to bubble up.

This news has yet to be confirmed by Apple as it’s their usual trait to wait until October before they can unveil the iPads.

What this means is that there is still more room for more speculations about the iPad Pro to come in from different angles. The latest one alleges that the iPad Pro will feature a display screen of 12.9 inches, but again, the rumor reveals that the manufacturing of this device will begin somewhere between September and October this year.

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iPad Pro will come with stylus to work with Force Touch

The rumor surrounding the latest iPad from Apple says that this tablet will be equipped with a stylus that is set to work in conjunction with the Force Touch capabilities that this device is also rumored to come with.

As noted above, this is still a rumor, and there is no confirmation whether this stylus will come bundled with the new iPad Pro. This is true because the company may opt to sell the stylus separately as an optical accessory, which may be another channel for generating revenue for the company. On the contrary, since this tablet is touted to be “huge”, it may include the stylus just to justify its awesomeness and quality for that matter.

Why include a stylus in iPad Pro when Force Touch can work on its own?

It won’t be the first time we see the Force Touch technology in iOS devices. The iPhone has already experienced this technology and even though it has amazing performance, the current technology may be a letdown with a bigger screen as this 12.9 inch iPad Pro. There are high chances that are used alone without the stylus, the Pro might end up with a poor yield rate – and hence the stylus.

PCMag also reveals that with a Force-Touch enabled stylus, the productivity of the iPad Pro would be much-enhanced thanks to the fact that it will offer more precise operations as opposed to what fingers would do. There is also belief that the stylus can be used with other iPads other than the upcoming Pro model.

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Rumored specs of iPad Pro

As noted earlier, Apple usually keeps mum about their devices until they release them. As a result, there is very little information available on this device. Nonetheless, we have gathered for you what we believe are some of the inevitable feature and specs of the iPad Pro when it launches this October.

Speculation is that Apple will include a resolution of 2, 732 by 2048 pixels and a pixel density of 263 pixels per inch. With this resolution in addition to the split-screen features introduced in iOS 9, users of the iPad Pro will easily run two apps with the near full-size display on the screen without experiencing any problems. There are other rumors suggesting that the iPad Pro will also include support for USB-C if anyone wants to connect any add-on device, for instance, a keyboard. Just like a bunch of the other specs of the iPad Pro, this support for USB-C has yet to be confirmed, so don’t be surprised if it miss