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Shopping can be a wonderful experience. Shopping can also be a horrible experience specifically if you have to deal with long queues and huge crowds at the malls.

Fortunately, Google has now made it easier for shoppers to do what they love doing without worrying about long queues and massive crowds at shopping malls. The new feature that is proving not only helpful but also popular with shoppers is Popular Times.

The new feature is available on Google Maps. With this new feature, users can learn about the times that have proven popular with shoppers at specific malls and stores. This way, shoppers will be able to avoid showing up at the store or shopping mall when it is busiest and wait until the crowds reduce. Google has plenty of information regarding the behavior of people at different locations. Therefore, Google opted to put this data togood use.

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Google obtains the information they need to provide users with accurate data regarding popular times when the store is likely to experience the heaviest traffic by studying recent historical visits. Tech30 and GOOGL are the two sources from whence Google can obtain such vital information and share with users. With such information, you will know when to show up at the gym, shop or go out for a cup of coffee.

The new feature comes with a location card that displays all the information you need regarding the busiest times at the local store or shopping mall. The information you need will be available just in the address as well as phone number and business hours. What this means is that you will have plenty of in-depth information to make a good decision regarding the best time to the activity that you wanted. The new feature helps with time management.

In fact, it is safe to state that the new feature and capabilities on Google Now make work easier for people who struggle with time management and desire to go shopping. If a shopping mall has varying busiest hours depending on the day of the week, this information will also be available for users. Google says that the purpose of coming up with this new feature is to help people who hate long queues and huge crowds of people at the shopping malls and local stores.

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The new feature is helpful to businesses in many ways. For example, it helps businesses ensure that their employees do not suffer from being overworked at specific times during the day or night. With this new feature, customers will keep walking right through the day at various times of the day or night. Consequently, the business is assured of constant flow of customers and work throughout the day, thus able to attract more business.

Therefore, if you ever struggled with time management and feared going shopping because of the large crowds or long queues that you are likely to meet, install the latest version of Google Maps and install it on your Smartphone, iPad or laptop. This way, you will be able to avoid the constant worries with which you have struggled when you want to go shopping.