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There were days when the revealing of a new tablet or a smartphone used to remain a complete mystery until the official launch, but this isn’t the case anymore. Now, users know pretty much everything about a particular smartphone days before its official release.

Same is the case with Apple’s new iPhone 6s; fans know pretty much about the phone including its proposed release date, but it looks like they’ve also been given the signal of the pre-order date of the next-gen iPhone.

iPhone 6S, iPhone 6, Apple

According to a latest report from French website, Mac4Ever, the pre-bookings for iPhone 6s will kick off on Friday, September 11th. This pre-order date makes sense based on the announcement and official launch date of the phone, i.e. September 9 and September 18, respectively.

French operators start receiving information and news about future iPhones. So according to a leaked screenshot that made its way to the public through the Internet, the iPhone 6s looks ready to be available for pre-bookings starting from September 11. However, the official releases of iPhone 6s and 6s More would be scheduled for September 18.

The leaked screenshot was initiated in France and claims to be an official capture from one of the French mobile phone carrier’s system who will be offering iPhone 6s upon its release. Since France is usually one of the first network carriers to receive update about Apple’s new products, there’s no logical reason that this isn’t an authentic piece of information.

The expected pre-booking date of the iPhone 6s also fits in nicely with the idea that the company is planning to hold a media event on September 9 to announce the date of release.

In has happened in the past that when the release date of a device gets announced along with the pre-bookings being accepted, Apple used to flip the switch on those bookings within 48 hours of the announcement. The leaked info also seems to confirm the report that iPhone 6s will be actually available in physical and digital stores almost after 2 weeks of the first release on September 9.

iPhone 7 vs. iPhone 6S

Truly, now there’s very little left to know about the next-gen iPhone. Thanks to numerous component leaks and predictions, most of the technical specs and features have been already revealed. Now it’s only a matter of time until the company starts issuing official invites to the September 9 media event in which the next version of the iPhone will be revealed to the world. Fans who are excited for the launch of the device can expect a hardware that is visually very similar to iPhone 6, only with the addition of the new Force Touch display technology, an A9 processor, an improved 12 MP camera, 2GB RAM, a wireless chip that is faster and much more power efficient, plus the recently unveiled iOS 9 operating system.

Also, there have been recommendations that the conventional grey, silver and gold color handsets will be joined by a new option of pink color.