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If you have enjoyed Rokstar’s Grand Theft Auto game since you were a little kid, then you must be updated to when new versions in this franchise appear on the market and what features it will bring. The GTA V hasn’t been on the market too long, but rumours about the sixth version coming to market in 2018. Let’s review what rumoured features the new game will bring.

An interesting added protagonist is a female character, which is not only rare, but it will bring the female fans of the franchise a new way to connect to the game. This is backed up by an itnerview Dan Houser (founder of Rockstar) had with The Guardian.


In that interview, he stated that the GTA team is working hard on bringing something new to the game and that there is a possibility of seeing a female character. When asked why he didn’t do this before, he said that they haven’t found the right way to include this character into the story. The voice for the character is said to be Eva Mendes, but with no confirmation from Rockstar.

Another rumour that the ladies might fancy is the appearence of Ryan Gosling in the new game – but there’s notmuch credibility to this one because there are no details about his role.

An account on Reddit brought up an interesting possible new feature in the GTA 6: a ‘world’ being created, rather than the maps we’re always encountered with. And, according to this VermillionDemonFox, the world will be compiled of all the previous maps Grand Theft Auto had. Supposedly, Las Venturas will be a part of San Andreas, while this area will be located in the southwest.

This information is still a rumour, but the possibility doesn’t seem that insane, considering that in 2012 Rockstart discussed letting players visit the cities from other versions of the game as well.


One of the producers of the game declared in an interview with Digital Trends: “Of course at some point we would like to have one big world containing all our cities and let the player fly between them and revisit their favorite areas”.

We believe that the wait is worth it, because even if a few of these rumours are true, then Grand Theft Auto 6 will be a great game.