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As most of the people with a smartphone are, we are obsessed with the Google Maps navigation system. Today we thought we’d share with you a top of three tips that will help your experience with this Google service.

  1. One of the greatest features that Google maps offers is saving the maps you need on your phone to use even if offline. A Wi-fi or data connection isn’t always possible, phone signal beign a fragile thing, especially when you’re on a roadtrip. So this tip might be the most important one for a safe trip and not wasting your battery (because we all know that data tends to drain out your battery).

If you have an iOS or Android operating system running smartphone, you will be able to this pretty easily. All you need to do is zoom in or out on the area that you want saved in your phone for your directions and just type ‘OK Maps’ in the search bar.

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The application will automatically show up this message: ‘The on-screen map has been cached.’ If you want to save a larger area of the map, the responding time will be a little slow.

Now you should have the map ready to go. However, for the best navigation, you should leave your GPS on, because it will triangulate your location and it will make finding the right direction a lot easier.

  1. If you have the desktop application of Google Maps, then you will be very pleased to find out that all types of transportation is available on the map (meaning that not only the bike, walking and car version of navigation are available but also a plane one).

To see the flights from your starting point to your destination, you just need to click on the button with three dots in the upperside of the app where you will be met with all the options of transportation. Here, you will see a plane icon with the text ‘See results on Google Flights’.

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The app will now show you all the flights available and you can choose the date you want to leave and return. A lot of details like price and the times the flights are available will appear on the screen, saving you a lot of money of researching on your own each company with the flight details you need.

  1. Not only are a lot of transportation methods available on this app, but so are upcoming events depending on your location. If you’re looking for something to do on your vacation, the app will bring out concerts, museums and much more. To reach it, there is a simple tab where it writes ‘Upcoming Events’. If you’re interested in a particular event, the app will actually lead you to the right website to purchase a ticket.