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While some may not admit it openly, it is a fact that most men love to watch adult videos.

In other words, gaming, gadgets and porn are the things that help the guys stay sane, despite the mounting social issues.

However, no one expected one of world’s most popular titles, Fallout 4, to be featured on the popular adult video streaming website, PornHub. It’s known that guys love both, but that doesn’t mean they have to leak the gameplay video in here, right? But, now there’s no more questioning, because what has happened has happened.

Fallout 4

There’s no going back and if you like to see how the wastelands look and the game plays, you have no other choice but to visit the website.

Low Quality Video

Before you check out website, be warned, because it is full of NSFW content. That is for adult gamers and kids should stay away from it at any cost, even if they are really curious to see how Fallout 4 looks. The title for this particular video is disturbing and misleading, but the content is what it promises to be.

When we came across this video, it was really exciting to catch a glimpse of the most popular game. However, the quality of the video captured during the Gamescom 2015 event was really bad. Maybe, the person who did it was really scared and also owned one of the worst smartphone cameras that spoiled our experience. On the actual launch date, we can be sure the game will have great graphics and more importantly, an immersive that promises to offer 400 hours of non-stop exploration.

Fallout 4 Launch Trailer, Fallout 4,

No Level Cap, No End

In other news, developers of Fallout 4 confirmed that there will be no level cap for players this time around. All the games in the series locked at a certain point and expanded further with DLCs, but had limits. The new title dares to be different and allows the players to level up as much as they can.

Besides, there will be no end credit for the game at all. You just keep playing even after the main storyline ends. After all, there will be plenty of side missions to attend to and complete all the quests that you may have missed the first time around. The game will definitely offer more than the investment made and is going to be a treat for RPG lovers.

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