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If you have an Android smartphone or phablet, then you will be excited about this article. Who doesn’t want to call their friends and family without the cost that usual calls provided by phone companies require?  Well, if you have an Wi-fi connection, the next six apps you will find in the Google Play Store will be your best friends, because they allow calling without cost or a small fee, and most of them allow international calls as well. So let’s take a look at what the next apps have to offer.

  1. Line

Line is one of the best apps out there, because does it not only allow free calls worldwide but it is also a messaging app so you can converse with your friends in every way possible. Not only that, but you can share photos, music and more with your contact list, so this app is overall a great addition to your phone’s menu of apps.


  1. WeChat

This app will allow you to not only call your friends, but actually video call them. So it’s basically an alternative app to Skype.


  1. Skype

Speaking of Skype, there is no way we could forget about this extremely popular app. This app will require an extra fee for group chats, but it is worth it (think of that group chat videocall, it would be a blast). However, if you don’t want this feature, there is no need to pay the fee. The app will let you video call or just call your friend or family member at any time. What we find excellent about Skype it’s that it is available to most of the operating system: Android, iOS and Windows Phone being included.

Skype for Web Plugin Free

  1. Nanu

Nanu is one of the newest calling apps to come to the Google Play Store, but we had to include it because of its unique feature: the app does not rely on your connection’s speed. So, even if your internet speed is only at 2G, the call will still go through and you are guaranteed a quality service. And don’t worry, it’s free.


  1. Google Voice

This is Google’s free app which allows the user to make free calls both in their own country and international. You can also send text messages and voice messages, features that will come in handy when you’re not available to talk to someone but still want to let them know why you’re not answering your phone.


  1. Seen

This app is free as well. Seen works best with a 3G or Wi-fi connection, which might not be convenient at times. But we had to include it, because it guarantees great quality video calls, and group calls are also available.