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Yahoo Livetextwas launched a few weeks ago and with this application, this tech giant is hoping that it will revive its messaging capabilities.

What makes this company believe that this is possible is that the app combines the abilities of both Periscope and Snapchat.

Livetext, a video messaging app, is currently available in a limited number of countries, among them the U.S., Canada, Germany, UK and France. However, it is set to go viral in other countries as well as Yahoo aims to emulate the success that is being experienced by LINE and Snapchat. This instant messaging app is as a result of Yahoo’s business that involved the acquisition of MessageMe towards the end of last year.

Yahoo Messenger

MessageMe, just like LINE, is among the first adopters of revenue-generating stickers. However, just before Yahoo bought it, it has a user base of about 5 million people on both Android and iOS platforms. MessageMe has now been reborn as Livetext.

What’s new with Livetext?

Numerous messaging apps keep coming out every single day. As though all the messaging services have already been accounted for by the current apps, the new entrants try to diversify their services in a bid to make them unique and likeable. This is exactly what Yahoo is doing with LiveText as the app only offers video messaging services.

However, these videos do not include sound, and there are no voice calls either. Snapchat allows users to type a text message over a static snap and then share it with a friend. On the other hand, Livetext comes in with a unique ability that lets users type the same text over live videos coming from a friend. This makes it almost similar to Twitter’s Periscope app.


The ability to combine streaming of silent videos and chatting via texts could be a deal breaker for LiveText as more users could get attracted to this uniqueness.

Bottom line

There is no doubting that LiveText is a unique medium of exchanging video messages. With this application, Yahoo now has another chance to benefit from the app by commercializing its services. Even though the idea of Livetext ever matching the same user base as that of LINE or Snapchat seems impossible, this video messaging app still has a huge potential of becoming a top app in this highly competitive industry.