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A lot has been going on in the world of handsets, especially ever since the launch of Windows 10.

Facebook and Microsoft have been very clear about their intentions to forge a better future together, but even as this partnership continues to cause havoc in the tech world, nothing seems to be distracting WhatsApp as far as rolling out the latest features for Windows Phone users is concerned.

WhatsApp has maintained its treatment of Windows Phone users as first class citizens and this can be seen with the latest release of WhatsApp for Windows Phone where plenty of new features have been included for the millions who use this platform to keep in touch.

WhatsApp Windows 10 Mobile Version

WhatsApp for Windows Phone is continuing its development efforts

WhatsApp is not a new app to any smartphone user. In fact, this messenger made headlines when Facebook decided to part with a whopping sum of $19 billion just to acquire the services of this application. While many thought it was just another way of the giant Facebook to kill off competition from an otherwise potential app, this move seems to be headed for the best rewards for this social media giant.

The company has recently stepped up its efforts with respect to the continued development of WhatsApp for Windows Phone. More and more features have been flooding the Windows Phone way, and it seems this is not going to stop anytime soon. Routine bug fixes and incremental updates have become a norm for Windows Phone users, but the app has yet to reach the same level as that of the Android and iOS platforms.

What’s new in WhatsApp for Windows Phone?

As noted above, WhatsApp for Windows Phone is still stepping up its efforts to develop with an aim of making it the ultimate messenger for users of this Microsoft-based mobile platform.

The latest version is a testimony to this statement as it comes in with a plethora of new features that only Android users have been enjoying for a good part of the recent past. Among the most notable additions is the ability to mark messages as read or unread. This update is already being enjoyed by those on Android and iOS, but it is only now that it has come to the Windows Phone platform.

WhatsApp Windows Phone

Another top addition is a bunch of new emojis in addition to a variety of colors for these emojis. All you need is to tap and hold on an emoji and you will see a collection of colors to choose from. It is also now possible to select multiple WhatsApp messages in a single chat and toy around with them, be it deleting or forwarding them to another contact.

WhatsApp for Windows Phone has also been updated with the ability to save contacts right from the app. However, it will only work if the contact you received via WhatsApp chats is already on the platform. The setting that allows users to monitor or rather reduce the amount of data used during WhatsApp voice calls has also been added to this platform. Just like with the Android platform, it can be accessed via WhatsApp’s Chats and Calls’ Settings. Also, users now have the liberty of choosing the tone they want for their WhatsApp calls as well as choose to enable/disable vibration and sound for notifications.

If you have not updated your WhatsApp for Windows Phone to the latest version, you can do so by visiting the official Windows App Store today for a free upgrade.